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How It Works

Each animal has its own personality, its own display of emotion, its own special look. As I paint someone's beloved pet, I strive to connect with the animal, to bring it to life on the canvas. Ivy came to Dumb Friends Animal Shelter at age 15 with her brother. She was so sweet and loving. As an older cat, she could have been a challenge for someone to adopt but with her winsome look and beauty she was at the shelter only a few weeks. In this painting I tried to capture her essence. 

In other areas of this website you can view portraits of dogs and cats I have painted. If you would like a custom portrait of your pet, send me an email with some photos of the pet. Once we decide on size, price, and view of the pet (just the face, the entire animal), I can get started. I will send you photos of the painting at about 5% done to see if I have captured the "look" of the pet. I also send photos at about 50% and 70% so you can send feedback along the way.  If you want a larger size painting or a painting of more than one animal, we can talk by phone about how that would work.

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